The Wobble Factor

So here you are. Approaching ‘middle age’ and reflecting on your life and career so far.

Maybe you’re looking back saying ‘holy moly, its been an awesome ride! I’ve achieved so much and only just got started!’. If that’s you, amazing! You are the 1 in 3 people who feel happy, content and fulfilled about their lives and careers.

Most people, myself included, started to question the ‘why’ of life as I approached my mid-30s.

‘Why did I choose this career path?’

‘Why am I stuck in a career that has no real purpose and is not fulfilling?’

‘Why didn’t I travel / have more adventures when I was younger?’

‘Why am I still single – what’s wrong with me?’

‘Why did I wear that hideous outfit back in 1998?’

This is what I call the The Wobble Factor.

When we have been swimming along nicely in life and then ‘WHOA’ all of a sudden from nowhere we feel like everything is about to implode:

  • You question the life path you are on.
  • Something feels ‘off’ but you’re not sure what.
  • You’re happy but something is missing.
  • You feel a bit all over the place and ‘wobbly’ about life.

It’s a scary place to be. I know. I was there back in 2012 and took a career break to try and ‘steady the wobble’ and work it all out.

I realized a lot had changed in my life since I’d started in my career 12 years earlier. But I hadn’t stopped along the way to check if I was still on the ‘right’ path – the path of life that really in my heart felt right to me.

This is so easy to do! We can easily get stuck on what I call the ‘conveyor belt’ of life: we finish education, have to get a job, perhaps find some (un)lucky soul who wants to spend their life with us, possibly have a couple of kids, get a mortgage and before you realize, you’ve hit your 30s and a panic sets in that you’re running out of time to do all the stuff in life that you want to do!!! For some of us, that means approaching 40 still single and with no kids: ‘is this what I really want for my life??’

Oh and you’re stuck in a job that you hate, but accept it as because it pays for the lifestyle you have become accustomed to.

‘Who cares if I’m working 100s of hours a week if I get the 2 week sunshine holiday once a year!’


You have become trapped in a bubble. A safe bubble, but one that is not enabling you to live a life where every aspect of it is 10/10 for how happy, satisfied and motivated you are every day.

So when you start to think about changing an aspect of your life and career, what is that fear that keeps poking it’s nose in….??

The little voice that says…..

‘nah don’t bother doing changing anything, it’s safer this side of the fence where you know what’s what’


‘Yeah your job might not float your boat anymore but at least it’s secure, you’re respected in your field, you’ve had loads of promotions so you must be great at it!’


‘What’s wrong with you? Just get on with this career, that feeling of ‘there must be more to life’ will go away when you hit that next salary goal!’


…but it never does.


This feeling that started out really small, just as a little niggle that ‘there must be more to life than this’ is gaining more airtime.


The voice saying ‘I reckon I should give it a shot’ and challenging the fear is getting louder….but what if the other side of this fear is so much ‘greener’ and I get to be successful, financially secure AND happy in my career and life choices?


It’s time to get REAL about your career and the lifestyle you dream of!

Escape the bubble you are trapped in!


So how do you ‘Escape Your Bubble’ and create a work and life of your dreams that fills your heart and soul with happiness and joy every day?

As someone who left the ‘security’ of a permanent corporate role (people did scream “what the hell are you doing?!!”) to leap into the unknown as a freelance Lifestyle and Career coach, I’ve had time to reflect over the last 18 months on what helped me to ‘escape my bubble’ when the Wobble Factor hit me!

In the lead up to launching my exciting coaching programme on the 1st December I’m going to share these insights over the next couple of weeks in a series of blogs called Escape Your Bubble NOW!

The series will cover everything I’ve learnt: from how we deal with the fear of change, work on our mindset around money, increase our confidence, surround ourselves with the ‘right’ people to just stopping and doing NOTHING and listening to my heart. There will also be ‘top tips’ so you can start working on these things RIGHT NOW! and plan your ‘escape’.


These insights have enabled me to make all my dreams come true – I’m currently writing this from Devon where I have moved for the winter to work in a gorgeous cottage and walk my dog Maggie on the beach every day!

(Shame it’s raining today but we can’t have everything!!)


During my new programme I will support you on a journey of self discovery to make your dream lifestyle and career a reality.

To celebrate the launch, I’ve opened up a limited number of complimentary 1.5 hour coaching intensives in November to help you fast track along the path to Escape Your Bubble and change your life!

We only have one life so don’t waste any more time waiting or procrastinating – email to book your slot and let’s get you started on the path to Escape Your Bubble today!!

Lisa xxx

It can and will happen.

You are ready for this.

Just f’ing do it!! #JFDI


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  1. Fabulous intro Lisa – love you loads

  2. Hi Lisa, I am still perpetually in this inner turmoil, even since going contracting, earning loads of money, having more holidays…. then getting stuck without a contract and stumbling on a nearly as lucrative full time job with a global household brand…. and loving it, initially. Now I just yearn for something different. I’m a creature of variety you see, and getting up and going to work doesn’t actually really do it for me.

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